In the hardwood floor field we provide you with a complete line of services. From hardwood floor installation to hardwood floor repair and refinishing, to hardwood floor custom design, borders and medallions, we cover all the bases.
And most important, in order to protect the environment, we use ecological materials that are non toxic and more resistant in time.

The interior of your house is part of your life. By improving your house you will improve your life.

We are fully insured and bonded
We service Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs area

Unfinished hardwood flooring Red Oak and White Oak regular 2 1/4” and 3 1/4”, larger sizes will be on the special order.

The exotic unfinished hardwood floor materials will be at the special order only.

Regular Red Oak and White Oak materials can be prepared and finish on natural color or Stained.

Nail down refinished hardwood floors, in a great variety of types wood and Colors on the hardwood floor stores that we collaborate with.

Floating floor click lock and glue down wood floor also in a great variety of types wood and Colors on the hardwood floor stores that we collaborate with.

Glue down wood floor for the situation when level must be kept low or when the hitting is in the subfloor.

The types of the varnish that can be used for cover the unfinished hardwood floor:

– Water Base – this material is specifically designed to protect the indoor environment. We hereby recomend this specific varnish when the house where is performed the work is inhabited, especially when there are people with respiratory problems or small children!
Technical description: Very fast dry (aprox. 45 min. between coats), is come at least in three coats, that give it a great durability and also provide a friendly environment.

– Polyurethane varnish – is a good choice for residential house, can be applied in two coats then can be less expensive. This material provide a good protection on the floor surface.
Technical description: It’s dry slowly (apptox. 12 hours between costs), the final coat looks rich, not friendly environment.

– Synthetic varnish- fast dry (1.5 – 2 hours between coats), very resistant finish, can be applied in two or more coats. Not friendly environment, extremely strong smell.

All three types of varnish can come in Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss finish.